I (Arne Rønnestad) am a Norwegian keyboard player, guitarist, composer and producer. Inspired by different artists like Koinonia, The Beatles and Vangelis, I made the album «På Vei» («On my way») in 2003, which you can find on YouTube on Arnemusic. There is a link to YouTube on the menu «Discography» on the top of this page.

Different aspects of my musical creativity are represented on the all-instrumental CD. The music, both electric and acoustic, is relaxing and leads you into wellbeing and reflection.

My recordings are posted in several styles, which I find interesting and inspiring; jazz, blues, rock and classical, music recorded and mixed by myself in my home studio.

Melody, harmony and all the different moods that music can reflect are very important for me. My music is reflecting our origins, the unknown, but also the wonders of life which influence my musical thinking! The music is soothing and gives the listener room for reflection and relaxation – music you can grow into.